Battle Worms is a clone of the classic DOS-game
"Achtung die kurve!" and is pretty much the same
as that game.

It is a multiplayer game for 2-8 players where you
try to control your worm so that it doesn't collide
with any walls, other worms or itself.

The game is programmed in libSDL and can be compiled
and runned on a variety of platforms (Linux/BSD/Windows)

I have played another clone of the game for Linux but I
really didn't like it and decided to write one myself.


Sourcecode (builds on all libSDL compatible systems)
Win32 Binary


You activate a worm by pressing the left key of that
worm and deactivate it with the right.

Once two or more worms have been activated (indicated
by 'OK') you can start the game by pressing SPACE.

Pressing ESC will exit the game and return you to the
splash screen.

It can't get easier than that :-)


Programmed by Jonas B <sanoix@gmail.com>